Cifr Chip

The Next Generation of Secure Authentication

The Cifr Chip represents a cutting-edge authentication solution, offering unmatched security and anti-counterfeiting features for physical products.

By harnessing advanced cryptography, blockchain technology, and multi-factor authentication protocols, the Cifr Chip establishes a new benchmark in product authentication.

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Chip Key Features

Ultra-Secure Architecture

The Cifr Chip employs a distinctive two-layer design.

The Physical Layer securely stores immutable cryptographic keys with AES-256 encryption, while the Information Layer utilises blockchain technology for decentralised data storage and verification.


Each chip is embedded with a unique, unclonable identifier (UID) and private key, which are generated during the manufacturing process and cannot be altered.

This design ensures that the chips are immune to physical cloning and counterfeiting. Therefore you have peace of mind that your exclusive promotions on your brand dashboard is only available to customers buying genuine items.

Multi-Factor Authentication

The Cifr Chip incorporates three proprietary security protocols: "Proof of Identity", "Proof of Counts", and "Proof of History".

These protocols collaborate to verify the chip's authenticity, assessing its unique identifier (UID), access count, and historical data.

Blockchain Integration

Authentication data is stored on a secure, decentralised blockchain, enabling transparent verification of a product's authenticity and providing an immutable record of a chip's access history.

Tamper Resistance

The Cifr Chip is designed to be highly tamper-resistant.

Any attempts to physically access the chip or modify its data will be detected and flagged.


The compact size and NFC connectivity of the Cifr Chip enable easy integration into a diverse array of products, from luxury goods to industrial components.

API access facilitates seamless integration with enterprise software systems.

Benefits of the Cifr Chip

Powerful Anti-Counterfeiting
Enhanced Security
Supply Chain Visibility
Brand Protection
Customer Engagement
Cifr Chip

A Unique Blend of Advanced Encryption
and Unmatched Security

The Cifr Chip represents a significant advancement in product security, utilising cutting-edge technologies to provide the most robust authentication solution available on the market today. Contact us to discover how Cifr can protect your products and brand.

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Game changing features

water resistant
read through objects
data retention
inventory management
protect assets

How the Cifr Chip Works

The Cifr Chip's advanced authentication capabilities stem from its innovative architecture and the interplay between its physical and digital components

Physical Layer

The Cifr Chip's advanced authentication capabilities stem from its innovative architecture and the interplay between its physical and digital components

Authentication Proces

Initiated via an NFC-enabled smartphone, the authentication process involves the Cifr Chip receiving a challenge, signing this challenge with its private key, and sending back a response that includes its UID.

The authenticating device then confirms the signature using the chip's public key.

Multi-Factor Verification

The system employs additional checks for robust authentication:

  • Proof of Identity: Confirms that the UID and public key correspond with blockchain records.
  • Proof of Counts: Ensures the chip's access count aligns with expectations, deterring cloning.
  • Proof of History: Checks the chip’s authentication history against the blockchain’s immutable ledger.

Blockchain Integration

Successful authentications are logged on the blockchain, creating a transparent and tamper-proof record of the chip's access history, facilitating comprehensive tracking and verification of product authenticity.

Information Layer

This layer stores further product details (e.g., manufacture date, batch number, shipping information), linked to the blockchain record, enabling rich, verified data to be associated with each product.

This seamless integration of secure physical components, sophisticated multi-factor authentication protocols, and blockchain-based data management culminates in a robust, end-to-end authentication solution.

It provides unparalleled security and trust for physical products, making compromise or cloning exceedingly difficult.

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