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Brand Protection & Product Authenticity

Every minute of the day consumers globally are getting ripped off by counterfeit products, which is tarnishing the reputation of genuine brands. Cifr was founded to solve this problem.

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The problem

There is a global counterfeit crisis

It is forecasted the annual loss in sales globally for the retail sector from counterfeit goods is £25 billion. 66% of consumers who accidentally buy counterfeit products lose faith in purchasing from the same brand in the future.

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Cifr was created to solve this problem

Protecting the reputation of your organisation isn’t easy, see how Cifr can solve some of your challenges.

Increase brand reputation

Authenticity that Builds Brand Loyalty

As a brand, you need the unparalleled security and authenticity verification offered by Cifr. Integrating Cifr's cutting-edge & uncloneable technology into your operations protects your brand against counterfeiting, preserves the integrity of your products, and enhances customer & brand engagement.

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Protection Against Counterfeits
Consumer marketing, engagement & loyalty
Market Differentiation
Reduced Financial Losses

Solutions for different challenges

How it works

We bring together everything that’s required to put a stop to counterfeiting and the tools to engage your customers. Our white-label unified platform consists of our proprietary chip technology, mobile verification app and our software suite - giving brands complete control over their reputation and the ability to engage their customers in real-time with a suite of marketing tools.

Cifr Chip

Traditional and alternative authentication systems, such as QR codes, NFC tags, holograms, and serial numbers, lack security and are easily cloned.

The Cifr Chip is distinguished by its advanced security features, including blockchain integration, unique encryption keys, and proof counts.

Cifr App

Simply download the app, locate the microchip on a physical product, scan it with your smart device and Cifr will verify the authenticity of your product.

The app is customised to a brand and you can access the proof of ownership, exclusive offers and relevant content.

Cifr Suite

Cifr Suite is our toolkit for brand protection teams. It is a comprehensive software solution, designed specifically for organisations that are using the Cifr system to authenticate their products.

It hosts a broad feature set that allows organisations to effectively manage and monitor their products, and build strong customer relationships.

Game changing features

water resistant
read through objects
data retention
inventory management
protect assets

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